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Tasting vintage champagnes in Reims

10 am – We arrived in Reims, France’s champagne region. It was sunny, the skies were blue but I felt the chills as soon as we hopped off our bus. When you’re from a tropical country, it is almost difficult to associate “sunny” with “cold”. Apparently, there’s such a thing. Reims was even colder than Paris but we didn’t need to reach the center to realize that people here were so much nicer.  Less complaints, no gasping nor weird, annoying sounds that Parisians make when they’re stuck in a long queue. A local girl even asked if we needed help with buying tram tickets!

We needed to eat lunch in the next 40 minutes or take the second half of the wine tour drunk. McDonald’s was the nearest option. I indulged. I’ve missed my nuggets. Then, after a few minutes of eating and blocks of walking, there it was -- the orange logo. We were headed to Maison Veuve Cliquot. We arrived right on time and hurriedly joined the group of 10 waiting at the lobby. The tour guide was a girl about my age. She h…

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