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About Berlin – black and music

Black. -- I thought to myself. Everyone was in black. It was cold, probably the coldest city we’ve been during the trip, and the skies were cast in grey. I had wondered – what would Berlin be like during winter? Maybe I will be lonely if I live here but as soon as we hopped into our first U-Bahn ride, a group of buskers rushed in to play Daft Punk. Maybe that was all I needed. Suddenly, I was feeling the travel rush.

The first night, we ate Vietnamese food. We needed something familiar to warm our bodies. We lived in Kreuzberg, which I picked simply because of Bloc Party, and turned out to be one of the hippest (okay fine, hipster) cities in Berlin. On our way back to our hotel, the night scene was just starting to pick up. A long queue of people in black, with eyeliners and red lipstick, lined up outside bars. I decided to finish a cigarette while watching the queue. I asked the store owner why people were lining up and he said that they open the bar at exactly 11pm. Cool. I wanted …

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