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Waiting in gloomy London

It’s been 45 minutes since I arrived at the gate of my hotel, which I booked through The owner keeps telling me that he is on his way so I patiently wait. 30 minutes later, he sends me a message saying that he is cancelling my booking and will refund my money. What?!! Did that just happen? With 16 percent phone battery, I immediately message one of the very friends I know who live in London. I told him what just happened. He asked me to wait at a nearby coffeeshop and so I did. My London trip was starting a bit off but I’ve always believed in the kindness of strangers and that it can over-compensate for anything that goes bad. At the coffeeshop, I happened to sit beside a Pinoy couple. They let me use their powerbank and after telling them what just happened, they bought me coffee. Not even an hour has gone by after I called my friend for rescue and there he was in front of me, telling me that I can stay at their place – for free! Good karma.

I did not plan anything for …

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